i digress

this is truly awful. my second post and already i am digressing from my stated focus. ah well, such is life, and just couldn't resist.

if you are ever in oakland(ca, that is), you must go to mimosa cafe[462 santa clara avenue, across from the grand lake theatre] and have their veggie burger (which is actually vegan). just make sure to tell them to hold the cheese and mayonnaise, and it is definitely worth the little extra to get some sliced avocado with it. the burger is homemade out of shredded carrots, other veggies and some nuts. no tasteless soy concoction here! (the potato salad isn't vegan, but you can get fruit salad with your burger instead).

the waitress there is the sweetest person and if you have any questions about the menu, she will be able to help you. and since she herself is vegan, she is especially aware of peoples food stipulations.

and while talking to her about food, she mentioned New World Vegetarian[464 8th st, oakland, ca] which she said has a phenomenal vegan coconut creme pie. i didn't hear the remainder of what she said because i was too occupied with a) wiping the drool off my face and b) trying to figure out how one goes about making a vegan coconut creme pie. i am definitely going there this weekend and hmmm, maybe i can sweet-talk the chef into giving me the recipe....

just a word of caution, don't go to mimosa if you're in a hurry. the sweetest waitress is usually the only waitress and when things get jammin' service can slow down.