new world vegetarian

so i went to new world vegetarian, the vegan restaurant in downtown oakland because the wonderful waitress from mimosa said i must try their vegan coconut creme pie. well, i asked the waitress for it and she said they don't have coconut creme pie and she doesn't recollect them ever having it. major disappointment! so, instead i try the coconut cake and my friend gets the german chocolate cake. the coconut cake was good when eaten with the coconut frosting, but the cake on it's own without any frosting on it was kinda bland. the chocolate cake tasted like a betty crocker cake mix and the frosting was super sugary sweet i could barely eat it. i was pretty disappointed by that one. but if you need a good sugar fix and don't mind a plain cake, it's for you. but i did see on the menu (as i was leaving, of course) that they offered a vegan flan. now THAT intrigues me. will be going back soon to try that one, but am also a little hesistant after not having a great experience with the other ones, but a VEGAN flan...wow!