caramel cake in two part symphony

and so begins my next experiment with a vegan cake.

i have been, for two days, attempting a vegan caramel apple upside down cake.

part one
the 1st picture is of my first attempt. looks beautiful right? well, looks can be deceiving as they say. the caramel top was great, but because i was focusing all my energies there, i wasn't paying enough attention to the cake itself and it ended up being bland and a bit dry. not good. but the asthetics were just what i wanted, so i decided next time i would add some more "zip" to the cake and also add walnuts to the caramel top because that would look awesome. like sticky bun awesome.

part two
so i begin making the cake again. i do the caramel bottom, it looks terrific. i sprinkle walnuts on it and then layer the apples. i my head i am visually seeing how it will look and my mouth is watering. i make the cake. i add cinnamon and nutmeg and some lemon zest to make it yummier. the batter seems wetter than normal, but i casually notice it and really think nothing of it. put the cake in the oven. come back 1/2hr later to check on it and the cake is still quite liquidy and i am concerned. i run through the recipe in my mind, visually seeing my hands add the ingredients and come to a startling realization. i reversed the amounts of sugar and flour. arghhhhh. so now this cake has more sugar in it then flour. i debate what to do, and then decide to just let it bake and see what happens. great confections have been born from simple mistakes, and hey i could be creating the next masterpiece, right? well, the cake finally sets after a considerably longer time than normal. the apples and walnuts have been absorbed into the cake and the caramel from the bottom has bubbled up and spilled over the top. wonderful. i let it set for a few minutes and then flip it over. (see picture #2). what we basically have here is a very sweet spongy cake soaked in the syrup from the caramel topping. it wasn't awful, but it sure wasn't the next masterpiece. i took it to work and my co-workers enjoyed the sugar rush.

now i'm ready for take 3, and once i get it perfected, i will post the recipe, for all of you to make perfectly!